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 Latest Goings on....

Can you believe the crazy weather we've had this year? And here we are, summer already. 

My son Robert is working hard and enjoying his job at Baker's. He also has a lovely new girlfriend who has a 2yr old son. We love them both and they have quickly become part of our hearts and family.

Catie had singing and speaking parts in this years 4th grade play. She did an awesome job and it was clear she is a natural born performer. She did great in school this year and walked away with "Top Student" of her class and "Top Reader" in all of 4th grade. We're very proud of her accomplishments.

Ashlee is our diva. She's all about the hair, nail polish and sparkle, lol. She graduated from the 6th grade and is now a high schooler!! Ashlee also received "Top Student" for her class as well as the Music award. We're very proud of her and all she accomplished in elementary school. Now she's on to a new chapter in her life.

Hubby is still driving the truck but thankfully is home more. He's here for the important times in the kids' lives and makes sure they know they are a priority. When home, in addition to spending time with the kids and doing those "honey-do" projects, we try to spend time at the shooting range. He loves his toys, lol, and has even converted me.

Me? I'm doing the wife and mom thing as usual. I enjoy going shooting with Hubby when we can and reading when time allows. My new passion is Barn Owls!! Yes, i am obsessed with them, lol. I was honored to be asked to join a moderating team on The Owl Channel, home of Roy & Dale, two wild and free Barn Owls who are being live-streamed on the web. It's been an amazing journey full of learning experiences. They have kept me entertained and busy in my spare time over the past year.

Now, you're all caught up. I promise I'll try and keep this updated more often. Life sometimes just gets in the way.

So for now, hope you all have a great day and I hope life treats you well.
Blessings, Kim

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